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EQTools is a modular toolkit designed to make life easier for EverQuest players.

The ShareWare versions of each utility are fully functional, with no expiration or nag screens.

NOTICE: 31 October, 2006

Due to the fact that I haven't played EQ for several years now, it has become impossible to continue to maintain EQ Tools.

Therefore, since I am unable to support the software, I am also no longer accepting registrations.

The most recent version (1.3) is still available for download here, although I have no idea whether or not it will work correctly with the current version of EQ.

NOTICE: 30 May, 2005

Since I am no longer playing EverQuest, I will probably not be making any changes to EQ Tools beyond the current version.

It will, however, continue to be available for download, and I will make every effort to fix any bugs that are reported (at least to the extent that this is possible, without having access to the game).

Update Available: 29 May, 2004

I have updated EQ Tools 1.3 to support the logs\ folder that was added in a recent EverQuest patch.

I am currently working to update the Log Merge utility to merge the log files that were orphaned by this change in the way EverQuest saves its log files. In the mean time, I have temporarily disabled the 'write' options in EQLS.

Version 1.3 Available: 22 January, 2004

EQ Tools 1.3 is now available for download.

This version features some minor enhancements and bug fixes that didn't make it into the previous release, due to the rush to get out a version that would work with the recent change in EQ's file naming conventions.

I also (finally) updated the documentation, which had become hopelessly out-of-date.

New Version Available: 12 January, 2004

Thanks to all of the help I received in determining the Server Names, all of the utilities in EQ Tools 1.2 have now been updated to work with the new file naming conventions. EQLS will also scan your log files and launch the updated Merge utility (if needed). This will update all of your older log files to the new format.

Much thanks for your patience and assistance!

Log file Name Change: 12 September, 2003

In a recent patch, the name of the log file was changed from eqlog_Character_##.txt (where ## is the server number and "Character" is the character's name) to eqlog_Character_Server.txt (using the actual name of the server, instead of the server number). This means that everything after the patch is being logged to a different file.

We are currently modifying EQ Tools to work with the new file names, and will post the updates here, as soon as possible.

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